Client Insights For Deeper, More Profitable Relationships
You have worked very hard to become a talented and well-respected practitioner. Whether you are early in your career, or not, you are expected to deliver.  Kaitongo provides targeted sector- and company-focused curated intelligence that can easily be turned into opportunities for client and prospect dialogue, resulting in stronger, more profitable relationships.
Targeting Sectors That Matter
The sector based business model means that sector leaders can ensure they know all the industry news, key conferences, client transactions and competitor actions in the sectors that matter.
Unlimited Access to Sector Data
Kaitongo’s unique business model means that sector leaders can provide the benefit of our combined artificial and human intelligence approach to all members of the sector team at no additional cost
Energize Your Key Accounts
Our key account intelligence offer and actions tools means that lawyers can ensure they know everything that is public about their key accounts and have the tools easily at hand to communicate the right insight, to the right client nearly immediately.

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