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Equips lawyers with the sector insights needed to effectively engage with clients and supports consistent social media activity.
  • Subscription and access to curated industry insights for one industry sector, including:
    • Industry News, Events, Associations, Deals completed by competitors
  • Industry highlights from a mix of publications, regulatory bodies, and leading company news 
  • Weekly Kaitongo Insights email alerts with actionable prompts on what client outreach and marketing actions to take based on industry insights 
  • Access to Learning Centre with FAQs, videos & tips 
  • 30% discount when subscribing to three or more sectors

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Ideal for firm subscriptions, customization & personalization needs

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Supports law firm’s go to market approach by sector or key account.
  • Subscription and access to curated insights for 10+ industry sectors
  • Weekly Kaitongo Insights email alerts with actionable prompts on what client outreach and marketing actions to take based on industry insights, customized for users based on their sector
  • Access for user and/or firm analyst team
  • Ability to deploy customized Key Accounts dashboard
  • Ability to customize:
    • News sources
    • Sector definition
    • Target account profiles
    • Actionable cues
    • Integrate with firm Intranet or CRM
  •  Integrate with firm Intranet or CRM Access to Learning Centre with FAQs, Videos & tips

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