Revenue Support Professionals

Empowering Revenue Support Teams with Better Business Insights and Actions

Revenue support teams are being asked to actively help generate new business in unprecedented ways. Kaitongo’s combination of deep sales focused insights, combined with our easy to use Action Tools helps put business development and marketing professionals at the forefront of firm wide revenue generation.
Artificial and Human Intelligence
The combination of artificial and human intelligence means you can be assured that millions of information sources have been scanned to provide you with the Top Ten most sales relevant client and prospect insights to support your revenue generation activities.
Accessing Our Analyst Advice
The human intelligence team actively analyses your Top Ten to provide an unprecedented layer of advice on how to action these opportunities and work with partners and lawyers win matters.
Action Tools
Kaitongo’s Action Tools makes it easier for BD professionals to work with partners and lawyers to ensure the final steps of engaging with clients and prospects actually occurs.
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