Identify your target market: target sectors and key accounts. Kaitongo’s Analyst Team can help you identify accounts similar to the ones that you have previously worked with
Filter out the noise and get access to only the most relevant and high-value industry insights. Kaitongo’s Analyst Team qualifies every article before publishing it alongside actionable prompts for your specific target sector(s).
Develop a firm or individual brand playbook to be a thought leader within your sector(s). Tap into Kaitongo to provide the content you need to fuel BD campaigns like thought leadership, social media prompts, and industry events.
Diligently track your success pursuant to the business development tactics provided by Kaitongo. You cannot manage and improve what you cannot measure. Your client’s success is your success, too.
Your Hub for Curated Client & Sector Insights


Receive personalized e-mail prompts on potential business opportunities, so you know how to effectively action your business acquisition and client retention efforts.


Figuring out how to reach new clients, what to say—and how to do it skillfully? Take the guesswork out of client outreach. Kaitongo gives you insights on how to reach out, what to say, when to say it, and makes it easy to connect with clients and prospects through its state-of-the art AI-powered platform.


Be in tune with what’s happening within Legal regarding your target sector(s)—and beyond. Insights about industry events, conferences, prospect functions, legal dealmaking activity to trade associations that could elevate your lawyer brand to a new level of greatness—all can be within your reach!

Actionable Intelligence

Access 7-10 high-value content per week that is filtered down from 1000’s of online news. Just the amount for a lawyer to reasonably act on, while still billing 1,500+ hours/year.

Meaningful Conversations

Be the proactive and  well-prepared lawyer your clients expect using Kaitongo’s platform to turn sector insights and client intel into superior legal advice.

Stronger Relationships

Kaitongo’s platform was built to support lawyers with their commitments to client excellence through meaningful client and prospect interactions.

Higher Billings

Provide superior legal advice while meeting Profit/Partner and Profit/Timekeeper ratios using Kaitongo’s proactive alerts to high value business opportunities.
Combining the best of artificial and human intelligence to deliver curated content
Intelligence Across the Firm

Firm Leadership

Arm your firm with rich and curated intelligence – from industry news, to client insights, to competitive intelligence.


Access all the information and
insights you need for client outreach and relationship building in one place.

Revenue Support Teams

Targeted lists, key account profiles, and sales opportunity alerts give BD and marketing teams the information they need to support revenue growth.
News & Insights
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